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Liqui-Matic Advantages




 Liqui-Matic Water Treatment System

  • Reduces cost of operation – Installation of Liqui-Matic equipment is a one-time cost compared to the ongoing cost of chemical addition
  • Eliminates use of hazardous chemicals – Chemicals can be toxic to aquatic life and can contribute to degradation of sensitive wetlands, fishing, and recreation areas.
  • Prevents new scaling – Negative charged ionized water attracts positive cations to prevent new scaling.
  • Removes existing scale – Liqui-Matic begins working as soon as installed.  Built-up existing scale is dissolved and flushed away.
  •  Reduces microbially induced corrosion – Liqui-Matic pulsed electrostatic signal eliminates circulating bacteria to reduce microbially induced corrosion.  Reduction of circulating bacteria reduces the tendency of metals to pit.
  • Increases life of equipment – All plumbing and equipment failure caused by scaling can create enormous costs and down time to your business.
  • Increases heat transfer in Water Heater and HVAC equipment – With no scale, heat transfer is maximized to design capacities.


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Commercial System

Liqui-Matic devices are installed on both domestic cold water supply lines and closed loop heating and cooling systems. 

Domestic Lines

Domestic use is a flow-through system.  Water entering the line is discharged through a faucet, shower head, or toilet.  Scale tends to build up on valves making them inoperable, on shower heads reducing flow, in toilets creating  mineral ring deposits.   One Liqui-Matic device is generally sufficient to reverse effects of scale build-up, unclogging pipes,  freeing valves, and restoring flow to shower heads.  In addition, the crusty mineral deposit in a toilet tank and bowl is dissolved.  The Liqui-Matic signal is of such strength and duration that one unit is sufficient for a domestic line.  When a facility has multiple independent cold water entry points, a Liqui-Matic device is required for each line. 


Closed Loop Systems

In line water treatment systems such as hot and chill water closed loops and cooling towers (Freon chillers) have water recirculating through pipes, chillers, or shell and tube heat exchangers.  Scale usually forms on heat exchange surfaces where (hot) hard water contacts a (cold) heat exchange surface.  This is shown in the drawing as “scale deposit”.  Scale deposits cause problems by restricting water flow.  This makes recirculation pumps work harder, consume more power, and wear out faster.  The scale also forms an insulating blanket on the heat exchange surface causing a loss of efficiency.  This results in increased energy use and higher utility bills.  Scale also induces electrochemical corrosion that can lead to leaks. 

The Liqui-Matic signal is of such strength and duration that one unit is generally sufficient for an entire closed loop system.  Each independent closed loop system for heating or cooling requires installation of a Liqui-Matic device.  This applies to both commercial buildings (apartments, hotels, office buildings, etc.) and industrial plant applications. 

Extremely large pipe diameters of 10” or greater may require installation of additional devices.

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Practical Effects of Liqui-Matic Pro™

  • Clears shower heads and faucets of scale
  • Brightens and whitens laundry
  • Reduce amount of detergent needed
  • Prevents water spots on glassware
  • Reduce scrubbing and cleaning time
  • Reduce cleaning chemical use
  • Reduce chemical use in pools and spas
  • Reduce bath fixture repair and replacement
  • Reduce need for bottled water
  • Appliances last longer (irons and coffee makers)

Pricing per Liqui-Matic  device

(excludes tax and shipping)

Diameter (inches)                                US

2-4                                               $2600

5-7                                               $2700

8-10                                             $2800

Over 10” diameter – contact Distributor or


To Order, please contact your nearest Distributor

OR contact Liqui-Matic Marketing, Inc.