Liqui-Matic Commercial Warranty

Liqui-Matic Marketing, Inc.  will guarantee Liqui-Matic equipment to perform the functions described in the Operations Manual and on the website when installed with the correct electrical supply and installation procedures on a domestic or closed loop water line.  All equipment of Liqui-Matic Marketing, Inc.  is guaranteed against defective materials and workmanship for a period of five (5) years from the date of installation to the original purchaser.   

Normal wear, abuse, misapplication, incorrect adjustments by the customer and/or failure due to operating with chemicals that are different than those used during the construction of the equipment, is by necessity,  excluded from the warranty.

Satisfaction of this warranty will be limited to: the replacement, repair, or modification at the discretion of Liqui-Matic.  All defective part(s) must be returned, freight prepaid to Liqui-Matic Marketing, Inc. within thirty (30) days from the shipment of the replacement part(s), to avoid billing.

Any warranty service consisting of time and expenses performed other than at the Liqui-Matic warehouse shall be at the purchaser’s expense, unless it is determined in writing that Liqui-Matic is responsible for any defective equipment.  Correct installation and maintenance of Liqui-Matic equipment is the responsibility of the purchaser, unless installed and maintained by factory trained personnel.  Liqui-Matic Marketing will not be held responsible for any damage resulting from shipping and handling.

For any comments, questions or service, please contact your distributer or installer.

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