LM Scael System Installation


The device may be installed by a home owner or plumber.  This is for installation on copper piping, for installation on galvanized or plastic piping, the same general procedures apply, except the homeowner or plumber will need adaptors to connect the copper T to the supply line.

Tools required are a hacksaw or tube cutter, laundry marker, soldering torch, solder flux, emery paper, non-lead solder, screw driver, drill, 1 gallon bucket, shop rag or paper towels.   Be sure to have an operational fire extinguisher handy in case of accidental fire.  With water turned off, a fire extinguisher is required.  

Select a location after the water meter and before lines split.  Pick a section that serves both cold and hot water to the house.   Locate a grounded 110v outlet within 20 feet of the selected location.  

Turn off water to the house and drain standing water in piping.  Do not drain the water heater. 

Install the copper T in the water line.  Use adaptors as necessary.  The device may be installed in plastic or metal pipe, and probe may sit in any orientation, horizontal or vertical. 

Mount the power supply on a wall where inspection light will be visible; do not plug in power supply.   The signal wire is a dual wire. 

Connect the signal line to the power supply and antenna probe.  Strip ends of signal wire, twist together as one. Insert twisted wires in hole at base of terminal post on power supply; tighten connector.  Plug in other end of signal wire to probe antenna. 


Turn on the water supply.  Allow water to fill the pipes.

Plug in the Scael Home System power supply to a 110v grounded outlet. 

The system is working if the orange light on the power supply is lit.  You will hear a slight hum coming from the power supply. 

If pipes need to be drained in the future, unplug the Scael Home System power supply from the 110v outlet before draining. 

Retain your purchase receipt for warranty coverage.