LM Scael System (Residential)

The Scael Home System uses Liqui-Matic technology to provide the same scale reduction and anti-corrosion protection as the commercial unit.  This compact equipment is installed in the water supply line to a residential home after the water meter and before water lines split to service different areas.  The Scael Home System removes existing scale and controls formation of new scale, and prevents corrosion in both hot and cold water systems.  Water entering the home is discharged through a faucet, shower head, toilet, ice maker and dish washer, etc.  Scale tends to build up on valves making them inoperable, on shower heads reducing flow, in toilets creating  mineral ring deposits.   One Scael Home System device is installed in the house water supply to reverse the effects of scale build-up, unclogging pipes, freeing valves, and restoring flow to shower heads.  The crusty mineral deposit in a toilet tank and bowl is dissolved.  Built up scale on water heater elements is removed, existing scale in water heater tank bottoms is dissolved and turns to a loose mud that may remain in the bottom of the tank and should be flushed annually to keep the system operating at peak efficiency. 

System Components

The Scael Home System consists of a power supply with integral power cord that plugs into a 110 volt circuit, insulated 6” stainless steel probe mounted in a 1” copper “T”, signal wire to connect the power supply to the probe.  The system is designed for 1” pipe diameter copper piping; use adaptors for other sizes and materials.   For supply lines 2” or greater, contact local Distributor or Sales@ScaelHomeSystem.com.